Gerty Carson

Reputable breeders who love their cats. All of their babies are raised in their home and the breeders are totally willing to answer all questions and help you as best as possible. I have physically interacted with their cats, and they live comfortably and are very happy. Will definitely consider another cat from them in the future!

Crysta Mackay-smith

I must say Pro Bengals was wonderful, and provided me with every information I needed. I was a little nervous about shipping by plane, but after learning about the whole process, I became relaxed once again. My kitten was shipped by Delta, and I picked her from the airport here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every information i got from the breeder was 100% accurate. My kitten is such and angel and taking a short time to adapt to the new environment. I must say a million thanks to you "ProBengals" ! May you keep up the good work.

Jasmine & Damian Palmer

We received our 2 kittens from Pro Bengals. They're so affectionate and social. They had a long flight and were in great condition upon landing. The owners of Pro Bengals were very easy to deal with and helpful with all our questions. We are so impressed with their personalities and looks of our kittens. These breeders are highly recommended !!

Nita Harvey

I am extremely happy with my boy "Spike". He arrived very healthy, very loving, has a very unique personality. Physically he is everything I wanted, purrfection! His eyes are goldenly clear, bright, and curious. Thank you Pro Bengals. I give you a 5 STAR rating !!

Wendie Ullman

We got Olga from you ProBengals a while ago and she is an absolute joy to have! She is so full of energy and always keeps my family laughing! Our other rescue kitten actually passed away this month, and if it wasn’t for her, we couldn’t have gotten through it! Thanks a lot!

Lexi Vinson

I'm so thankful that we decided to get our new family member from Pro Bengals! The amount of knowledge and support that was available, has certainly made the decision of adding to our family extremely easy and worry free! We love our newest addition, and he has shown us so much love since arriving. There is no doubt, that we are going to get another kitten from them soon.

Kerry Luther

Hi ProBengals! I just wanted to let you know how extremely happy we are with this boy! Our vet say's he is the best looking Bengal he has ever seen, especially with his vibrant color! We have recommended you to all our friends and cannot wait to purchase our second kitten from you soon. Please always remember to send us photos of your new liters when available. Thanks.

Ranna Dowler

I have to say I was so skeptical because I was doing everything through the Internet, but my experience as I told everybody was excellent from the beginning to the end. You guys made it so easy for me, and it was a pleasure chatting with you. I have referred you already to so many people, and I will continue to do so. It was a great thing dealing with ProBengals Breeders. Our new kitten has made our family so happy and we have so fun everyday as we watch him grow. Thanks !

Emily Pearl

Good morning ProBengals! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with baby "Petrus". We finally decided to maintain his name, because it suits his personality. lol! He is very handsome, and is now my daughters best friend. I enjoy the fact that he is an excellent eater, and he is enjoying all his new toys. All these make me very happy!! Thank you very much.

Mike Lawson

"Viking" is such a wonderful kitty. He is confident, curious, quick to learn, and exceptionally well behaved. Nothing seems to faze him. He’s growing like crazy, and he is a good friend to our Great Dane. I must get some good photos before he is too much bigger. We are all so happy with him, he’s an incredible Kitten, thank you.

Anna Foothills

We got our "Boxer" yesterday. He is the sweetest playful kitten. ProBengals was very informative, always kept us updated on what was going on with Boxer. They sent us pictures of him every month to show how he was growing until he could be with us. When we picked Boxer up from the airport, he was ready to get out the cage but he was so warming already. He gets along with our other animals. He is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad he is in our lives!

Maria Garcia

Our baby boy Bengal is 7 months old and getting so big. He is such a love-able boy and he is happiest when with my husband and I. He follows me around everywhere and absolutely loves when I let the water run in the sink for him to play with. He is spoiled to rotten and is definitely the boss of our house!!